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30 Things You See At Festivals That Would Never Be Okay In Real Life.

#6. Dancing Half Naked

In real life you'd never allow yourself to dance half naked in public, but at most festivals that's what you see many people doing.

Dancing Half Naked

#7. Different Types of Exercise

A weekend at a music festival is a weekend filled with exercise. The most typical form would be dancing and walking around from stage to stage. But aside from that, you'll be surprised by the other types of exercise there is.

Different Types of Exercise

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#8. Hanging Out with Total Strangers

It's bound to happen. Whether it's at the campgrounds, at the food court, or in the crowd at one of the stages -- people end up befriending total strangers that they chit chat and dance the whole weekend with. Most of them are drunk and high too.

Hanging Out with Total Strangers

#9. Drugs

If there's one place people are most likely to be taking drugs, it's at music festivals. Whether you like it or not, you'll be seeing people doing drugs out in the open.


#10. Eating Junk Food All Day Long

You're going to be eating it all day long, all weekend long. From pizza to tacos to shaved ice to nachos to burritos to cheese burgers -- music festival food vendors have it all.

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