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By Huong Ngo

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Catastrophic Design Fails That Someone Should Probably Fix ASAP.

You would think after all those design classes in school, architects would be better at, well, designing. But it turns out some architects went into the field to become trolls. Judging from how bad some of these architecture designs are, you would think these people want to watch the world burn.

Check out some of the designs below that are so bad that they're accidents waiting to happen. They look like they've been set up to torture people. From a sink faucet right above an electricity outlet to a bike path that's on the ledge of a canal — these design fails are so bad they had to be done on purpose.

#1. When people think that they're in a cartoon.

Well, this is one way to separate the drunks from the rest of the traffic.

#2. Yeah, that's all the space bikes need right next to a body of water.

It would definitely help you hone your balancing skills.

Yeah, that's all the space bikes need right next to a body of water.

#3. Camouflage 101

Hopefully no one runs down these stairs in a rush.

#4. Is it a problem if you have a reflective sign on it?

Is it a problem if there's swerve marks.

#5. The mural on the back of Acme Incorporated.

Beautiful artwork, but probably not a good idea to place it on a wall.

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